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Our Service

We believe in and offer a friendly, informed and comprehensive service throughout every level of interaction we have with our customers – from helping to find the right stove to continued after-care service.

Our primary aim when we undertake a woodburner installation is to make sure that the end result is exactly what was expected after the initial consultation and agreed installation plan. We want our customers to enjoy their stove as much as we enjoy ours in our own home and workplace.

We don’t bamboozle our customers with technical jargon about the installation, but we do explain how a wood burning stove works and how to get the most out of it.

Survey and Quotation

To proceed with an installation and get a free quote from us, we will conduct a survey to assess any options you may wish to consider. Within a few days, we can send you a free quotation for full supply and installation of a stove and all related components.

To book a survey and receive your free quotation, visit our showroom or contact us.

If an existing fireplace is to be used for the wood burning stove then we assess this to make sure it is suitable and safe to install into. There might be an existing gas fire that needs removing or a decorative surround that would like to be kept. If an existing fireplace needs work to make it suitable to take a wood burning stove, we will complete any building work that is required. Particularly in period houses, the restoration of a fireplace opening back to its original size it very satisfying and sometimes quite surprising. The old brickwork, if in good condition, can provide a great way to set off the new wood burning stove and by itself provide a brand new feature for the room.

We can complete the finishing-off work such as rendering, plastering, hearth laying and mantle installation.

For rooms with no suitable fireplace, we can install using twin-wall flue systems which can then be installed completely internally through ceiling and floors and out through a roof or directly through an outside wall and up the side of the building.

OFTEC Certification

We are OFTEC registered and so you can be not only confident that your wood burning stove will be installed safely but it will also meet all the current building regulations that apply to solid fuel, flues and chimney work. By using a OFTEC registered company your new stove will be installed to work as efficiently as possible therefore maximising the heat output and fuel efficiency.

We provide the customer with a certificate of compliance upon competition of the installation and send a copy to OFTEC for onward notification to the local authority. The certificate of compliance issued is an important record demonstrating that the work was carried out legally and in accordance with the relevant Building Regulations and by a trained and competent installer of a registered business. When consumers sell their property, the information about work carried out under Building Regulations is required and used by solicitors on their enquiry forms. Failure to demonstrate compliant work and proof of regular maintenance can adversely affect the sale of the property and render your house insurance invalid.